TuneCore pledge more money, more global reach and more artist support than your average music distribution service

In TuneCore’s new global Get More campaign, they featured local South African artists – Afro-soul artist Berita who released one of her early tracks with the leading DIY Distributor, up and coming R&B singer Kay-Are and Apple Music’s Mzansi House Cover Star, SayFar who continue to use the leading DIY Distributor as their service of choice. Also featured, is Jade Leaf, Head of TuneCore for Southern & East Africa who was hired late last year to represent TuneCore in the region.

“We were built on the belief that artists’ careers should be on their own terms, not decided in boardrooms. We rewrote the rules of the music business, put control back in the hands of the artists, and tore down the barrier to entry set by the major record labels. Today, thanks to companies like TuneCore, the playing field is levelling and even favouring independent artists.

We believe that all artists have the right to call the shots. We want to inspire creators to pursue their passion and do things the way they want to do it. We give you more, so that you can achieve more,” says TuneCore.

What does Get More with TuneCore mean?

We partner directly with digital streaming services, so you can keep 100% of the money you earn and 100% ownership of the music you create. With TuneCore there’s no middleman shaving a percentage off the top.

TuneCore artists are releasing more music than ever in 200 countries and 150+ stores. Music has no borders, it’s global and your songs should be heard around the world. TuneCore is available in 14 languages, operates in 14 countries, across 4 continents and offers payments in 6 currencies.

We’re a team of real artists helping artists. No matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, TuneCore offers support in 29 languages in multiple time zones. If something isn’t working, we make it quick to get answers and easy to get in touch.

TuneCore is for the newcomers and the legends. From your first TuneCore master class to your first sync placement and songwriter royalty check. We’re the platform empowering you to make it yourself and never give up. And when you need even more, TuneCore can move you up to Believe via our Signed By program to scale your development and accelerate your global career.

Simply put, TuneCore gives you more, so you can do more. Sign up to TuneCore here.