Holly Rey tones things down for a nostalgic tribute to a relationship unravelled in “Something Beautiful”

There’s no one who spins a house track quite like Holly Rey. Infectious staggered beats meet rich, warm vocalism and the sort of effortlessly sultry demeanour that’s as alluring as much as it oozes femme power. 

Her latest single and video sees her directing the sixth offering in her repertoire, adding to her long list of titles she’s taken up at the ripe age of 25. “Something Beautiful” is steeped in sentimental nostalgia – a heady house beat underpinning a steady stream of emotion as she reflects candidly on the relationship that just didn’t work out. 

It’s peppered in familiar reflections – from the awkward silences that we once filled with ease, to the blue ticked messages that were once hour-long phone calls. That sort of thing. It’s essentially an ode to the possibility of what could’ve been something beautiful, with just enough energy to elevate it above a typical ballad stance. 

The video is polished and gorgeously styled. There’s some fiery fashion thrown in for good measure – and Rey cuts a striking figure as the visual cuts between the crumbling relationship and fond reminiscing. 

And while the offering may err on the basis of a touch of repetition, Rey pulls no punches when it comes to pure quality production and she shines.