Lebo Lukewarm takes us on a journey of soul and authenticity on his album, Chandelier Happy

When New York-based South African artist, Lebo Lukewarm, and his go-to producer, MVRCO POLO, came together for his album, Chandelier Happy, it was bound to create musical gold. The album shows Lukewarm’s most authentic side as he deals with heavy themes like family, money, hopelessness, grief and meeting the love of his life.

The intro track, “Chandelier Happy Intro”, sets the tone for the rest of the album. Its tribal sound and the conversational style of the opening monologue demands your attention as the narrator welcomes you to what you’re about to hear.

The album’s standout track, “We Could Be”, is perfectly constructed to highlight Lukewarm’s striking vocals. It starts with a crispy guitar riff, followed by his raw voice on top of choir-like backing vocals, and ends with a transition from a melodic tempo to a grimey rap verse. The track takes a soulful approach with Lukewarm wearing his heart on his sleeve – every word dripping with emotion.

It is impossible to not bop your head to the album’s fourth track, “Believe” as the heavy bassline can be felt through your chest, and Lukewarm gets experimental with his vocals, playing around with the volume and frequency of his sound.

Lukewarm has a variety of talented features on the album, one of which is SA R&B songstress Filah Lah Lah, whose ethereal voice creates a sense of divinity in “Open Up Again”, while “View Of The Beach” is also refreshing in its upbeat nature.

While a variety of influences can be heard on the album, Lukewarm never loses grasp of who he is – a muso that exudes excellent songwriting capabilities and a bucketload of feels.