“Call Our Own” is Vaughn Prangley’s ode to living life to its fullest

As someone whose greatest achievement at 17 wasn’t even worth remembering (I genuinely can’t think of anything noteworthy), I’m always filled with a sense of wonder when I come across trailblazers like Vaughn Prangley – who’s impressive repertoire includes singer, songwriter, guitarist and burgeoning South African talent.

At only 17, he may seem young but his intuitive song writing and vocal prowess are anything but. And, as if to prove this point, he’s released a brand-new single “Call Our Own”, which pairs evocative lyricism with rousing riffs to create a certified banger. 

The song starts off as a slow burner, taking its time as it builds into a stirring sonic soundscape that errs on the side of anthemic. The expansive indie-pop-rock sound is brought to life through a mix of guitar-led melodies, dynamic percussion, bass and keys, all tied together Prangley’s confidently mellifluous vocals which draw you in as he urges you to move beyond the mundanity of everyday life – to live every moment to its fullest and find your own adventure.

The accompanying music video, filmed and directed by Graeme Wyllie, jumps between footage of Prangley and his new live band performing somewhere in the great outdoors, and Prangley out on the open road, in an open-topped car, guitar in hand. And although the video might not immediately spark the undeniable urge to embark on an adventure, the brief footage of horses running free in an open field (Spirit-style) might help – the song certainly will.