Fay Lamour teams up with Mick Hudson for a soothing lo-fi collaborative EP, Let’s Get Lost

For a genre defined by fuzzy quality and flawed finishes, lo-fi manages to put forth an exceptionally smooth listening experience – and Fay Lamour and Mick Hudson’s five track EP Let’s Get Lost offers just that. 

A prime example of two artists coming together to create a truly cohesive offering that still manages to showcase both their individual sounds – Lamour, a jazz-leaning singer, songwriter and pianist, and Hudson, an up-and-coming producer – the well-crafted EP is easy listening to a tee. 

Best described as whimsical background music, Let’s Get Lost invites you to do just that – lose yourself in your thoughts. True to its lo-fi roots, the EP is filled with soothing melodies and eclectic sounds. Each track sees twinkling jazz piano, an easy-going beat and the occasional unobtrusive electronic interlude interspersed with vintage sound clips and Lamour’s honeyed vocals – all mixed together with lo-fi’s requisite audial incompleteness. 

Short and sweet, Let’s Get Lost is the kind of offering where, in the blink of an eye, the first note becomes the last and, all too soon, you’ll have to rouse yourself from a music-induced daze.