J’Mal wants everyone to know that the hustle never stops in his new video, “Broke Boi”

Teaming up with production company HalfandHalve, hip hop artist J’Mal serves up a fresh new video for his latest single “Broke Boi” with a side of energetic vibes. 

Ushering us into that summer-time feel, the tune’s marimba-styled backbeat laced with upbeat thumping bass and high-hat snares has an energy you just can’t refrain from bopping to. And all the while J’Mal’s mellifluous rap flow carries it effortlessly along. 

The video’s clean shots have some great lowlight scenes in the studio and outside at night. It montages a series of vignettes from J’Mal working multiple jobs – gardener, pool-boy and giving fresh cuts – to vibing with the crew, and personal studio scenes. 

It’s clear the man’s hustling hard but apparently, bae doesn’t get it – judging by the long-lashed beauty “hounding” him throughout the video. “I’m just tryna get the funds, you prefer to shake your bums.”

J’Mal throws smooth shade and with such a sanguine tone that we surely can’t stay mad.