Alternative R&B artist Moahi’s debut EP THIS WAS ONCE A SKETCH is gently endearing

THIS WAS ONCE A SKETCH, alternative hip-hop artist Moahi’s debut EP, is a six-track offering that takes inspiration from the likes of James Blake, Frank Ocean, Thundercat, and all our other favourite R&B stars. 

The 23-year old produced most of the EP himself, with the help of PepsDave and Novelle, but it’s ultimately through Moahi’s own experimentation that we glimpse his creative talents at their finest. 

Wise words from a good friend stuck with Moahi throughout the recording process, “Just share what you have to offer with people, even though the sound may not always be exactly where you want it to be at. Let people hear you grow, let that be a part of the journey.”

And that’s what you hear on this album. It’s a little rough around the edges, it might not be as fully-realized as Moahi would have liked, but it’s weirdly endearing for all those same reasons.

Opener “i get it” is slow and gentle, while “sometimes” offers relatable lyricism that makes Moahi’s artistic persona all the more easy to break down. And that is ultimately what you want from an artist – you want someone who isn’t afraid to bare themselves in their work, which Moahi seems to have done effortlessly. 

He may still have some work to do as far as his writing is concerned, but he allows himself the freedom to make those mistakes, and learn from them he will. 

Feature pic supplied by artist