Avi Mack goes through the motions of a sour relationship on his latest EP “Maybe, Never”

We’ve all been through that one relationship that wasn’t really supposed to happen. But because there was a void to fill, or we were cleaning out our sexual closets – we have either been led on or have led someone on. Avi Mack understand this and so he created a soundtrack for us to lick out wounds to.

Maybe Never, enlists the production expertise of Easy Freak’s duo Dominic Hurd and Jude Kenrick,  with soundscapes that boats a vibrant, lo-fi pop aesthetic and a hint of electronic dance music, which interestingly strikes a contrast to what going through the motions of heartache can sound like. The pleasant sound-trip of your first listen is so euphoric that it’s only when you pay attention to the lyrics do you understand the weight of this EP’s story.

Avi Mack shares that conceptually, the title Maybe Never is a play on the concept being led on, citing an understanding of how feelings are not binary and have spectrum and movement within them. We journey into the theme park of heartache as Avi narrates the story of a breakup.

From a song like “Open/Close”, which was the moment of realization that things with his love interest were not working out, to his current single “Maybe Never”, which is an attempt to understand the reasoning behind the deterioration of the relationship, the EP represents a longing for answers and a search for closure, and the sense of chase consistently lingers because of that certainty which is never truly attained.