Meet Will Linley: the 20-year-old taking Cape Town by storm with debut single “miss me (when you’re gone)”

TikTok might just be the most lucrative platform for promising musicians, and Will Linley might just be South Africa’s The Kid Laroi. The 20-year-old Capetonian musician and songwriter teased his track “miss me (when you’re gone)” on the platform which garnered over 4 million views before the song’s official release.

Now, this kid is taking over the airwaves with his emotionally-wrought tune. He’s even slid up to #1 on Apple Music in Cape Town – and at first glance at the title, you might think that it’s just another one of your generic love songs – but the lyrics “I’ll miss me when you’re gone” will hit you in the gut.

Now, part of what makes this song hit so hard is the portrayal of feelings that is all too universal – only this time unexpected from the vulnerable mouth of a man, heartbroken and love-lorn. 

The music video keeps things simple but encapsulates how easy it is to just be your true self around someone that accepts and loves you. Linley, together with the director of the music video Abongwe Booi, relays the raw, relatable lyrics into something beautiful and positive.

Linley keeps things pop and positive with enough of an emo kick that we can all get behind.  And we’re here for more personal and honest songs from this up and comer. All we can say is, you’re going far kid.

Feature pic supplied by artist