Mile and Marcques serve seven colours of provocation with the appetizing single and video, “Rasta”

There’s this quote I once heard in passing, “A way of life is to hold the mic in your hand and crush whoever is in front of you – that’s hip hop.” The general rule of thumb in this case, is when two MCs get on a song together, it’s a fight to the death for the bragging rights of being lyrically superior.

How refreshing it is then for MCs to find camaraderie and a common cause when they pool their skill sets for a common cause, as is the case with Shona-speaking rapper Mile, who features Marques on his latest single “Rasta” – an undiluted craftsmanship that pushes the form of the traditional elements of hip hop to new heights.

Swinging effortlessly back and forth between English and vernac, Mile establishes an effortless approach of cadence, never compromising on lyrical quality as you catch witty bars like “I don’t take no pics man I take Picassos/ Work of art when I drop hoe” amidst the twisty speed of his punchy verse leading to the knockout hook.

Marcques’ verse follows a more conscious route without losing footing with the song’s energetic pace. Drawing into the moral decay of a patriarchal superstructure littered with the norm of desensitised misogyny, his critique of what constitutes manhood posits an argument for men to revise their ethical conduct, especially concerning how women are treated. Marques pokes the bear, perking ones ear with quotes like “You patriarchal gaslighting womanisers will never catch me off my feet.”

With a minimalist music video that intentionally does not objectify women, instead cementing their feminist stance, the back and forth between marauding in the streets with the gang and the polished scenery in a sterile studio, paints the image of raw and uncut flows that have been refined without being watered down.

As per traditional magazine ratings, this is a 2021, 5 golden mic contender.