RxSolo peeks further into the life and times of D Love III on D Love III: Directors Cut

Nine months after the release of the D Love III: Escape Into Love, RxSolo returns with a gorgeous selection of songs on D Love III: Directors Cut.

The Cape Town based artist with a knack for pushing creative boundaries has gifted us six more tracks from the world of D Love III. The project is eerily hypnotic: culminating from RxSolo’s exquisite flow over refreshingly experimental production by owhl_by_myslf (RxSolo’s producer pseudonym). 

The EP opens with “YKHTGW”: a high-energy and futuristic sounding banger, packed with silky synth basslines and an infectious verbal execution.

“Call Me” is an alternative R&B love song that sees RxSolo at his lustful storytelling best, while the psychedelic introspection on “Ghost” highlights his ability to paint vivid pictures with his words.

Then “Hotline” is an anxiety-ridden modern day love song over some stellar broken beat production that will swallow you whole. It flows seamlessly into “Twice”, and you’re taken on a dreamlike journey through some worldly travels.

Then comes the superbly cinematic closer, “White Butterflies”, which moves you through scenes of contemplation and self-analysis as D Love III reflects on the cycles of his days. 

Unique and detailed vocal mixing throughout adds an extra layer of pizazz to an already stellar sound with RxSolo using his voice as an instrument to great effect.

D Love III: Directors Cut might house songs that did not make the full album, but the EP feels complete in itself, and further showcases RxSolo’s distinctive and authentic style.

Feature pic supplied by artist