Settle in for Dave Monday’s delightfully soothing new single and video “Indoni Yamanzi”

Against the striking backdrop of an ochre rock formation tucked away somewhere at Davidsonville in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, Dave Monday spins a tune of indulgent dotage in his fresh new love song “Indoni Yamanzi”. 

Directly translating to “a water lily” – which in turn can be interpreted as “beautiful dark-skinned woman” – the title of the song is an unashamed tribute to his girlfriend and keeps things so personal that the theme becomes universal. 

A doting, rose-tinted view of the world through the lens of love, Monday spins gorgeously nuanced acoustic R&B – a hollow beat meeting pitching, lilting vocalism. Monday has the sort of voice you’ll want to sink into like a hot bath – and “Indoni Yamanzi” flexes everything he has on offer, bolstered by Afro choral inflections and breathy subtleties. 

The video that comes along with it boasts a polished, albeit unusually aspected, counterpart to the track. Set to a portrait aspect best suited to a smartphone screen there’s an element of constriction to the whole thing unless you whip it out on your phone – at which point it’s captivatingly engaging. Which just about sums up Monday himself. We’re just waiting for more at this point, really. 

Feature pic supplied by artist