Sipho The Gift envelops the refinement of underground music culture with his latest offering, #LOTUK

Between increased music distribution tools online, self-taught skills courtesy of YouTube tutorials, and the rapid advancements in internet culture, it’s been fascinating to watch the rise independent music and musicians. This level of empowerment has somewhat bridged the gap between the underground and the mainstream, to a point where the term underground seems a bit dated in and of itself.

Sipho the Gift’s, the Legend of The Underground King, is a fitting title for the journey of a rising contemporary artist who has adapted and executed a heightened DIY quality of product as far as the marketing, branding, visuals and distribution is concerned.

#LOTUK refines the purer elements of underground like the jazzy backpack boom-bap sounds, and the speech and movie soundbites that give his entertaining bar-for-bar spectacle a second layer of food for thought. He does all this while continuing to sharpen a blend of lyricism and musicality to create a subliminal reality, evident in his video for “Represent”.

#LOTUK also unpacks the spiritual psyche that has etched its way into Sipho’s creative and personal maturity. From start to finish, we journey through the canvas that stretches ambition, divine introspection, romantic connection, and the nostalgia of when the politics of rap were about the art itself as opposed to capitalism.

With a maverick’s heart, #LOTUK lives up to its summative statement, “The journey of an underground king is never pre-destined, but it’s a lane he must create for himself.”