Sun-El Musician’s new EP, African Electronic Dance Music, is here to usher you into an early Dezemba

If you think back to December 2016 I’m pretty sure you had Sun-El Musician’s “Akanamali” on your summer playlist. Fast-forward five years and the producer has once again given us music to usher in Dezemba holidays with his latest EP African Electronic Dance Music.

Over 11 eclectic tracks, Sun-El has created a sound that encompasses a style of African elements fused with strong Afro-house instrumentals. Straight off the bat, “Higher” featuring Simmy is a real standout track, as her ethereal voice complements the Afro-tech soundscape that evokes the feeling of losing yourself to dance at a beach party as the sun sets behind you.

Another high point is “Jozi (Maboneng)” – meaning “place of light” in seSotho, it encapsulates what the cultural precinct in Jozi is all about without using words, but instead introducing us to an abrasive beat that tapers off into a contemporary rhythm.

A masterful storytelling, Sun-El Musician’s talents shine on “Esibayeni” featuring Bholoja. Bholoja’s intrepid vocals and guitar serve as your connection to the natural and spiritual world of Africa and the sound that Sun-El wants to introduce to the world at large.

This EP sees Sun-El continuing his mission of pushing boundaries in the pursuit of a new genre and as a result, it’s some of his best work yet.

Feature pic supplied but artist