Vance Roday dives deep into his mind and allows it to run free on new EP AQUA

Jozi-hailing Vance Roday has been immersed in music his entire life – he’s been experimenting and expressing himself through sound for years, and his new 9-track album is a testament to his growth.

AQUA is an atmospheric, raw alternative R&B project that is gorgeously authentic in its approach. There is an illuminating and soulful vulnerability throughout – as he experiments with sound to explore his personal journey and stories of those around him. 

“JULYBABY FLOW” sets the tone for the heavily water-themed project as he touches on the Zen-like nature of moving with the yin and yang of life – channeling with effortless execution, he controls his flow with a dazzling ease.

But Vance’s voice is best showcased on “NAKUPENDA”, controlling his range exquisitely to give us an ethereal and mesmerizing experience, with an infectiously catchy chorus. 

“LONG NIGHT” is a classic R&B love-hate song, pouring over some immaculate keys to tackle the complex nature of relationships, before leading into “JUST ME, TRUST ME”, a smooth reflection of how he will only ever be himself.

The general otherworldly feel of the album is most evident on “HALLUCINATING,” a psychedelic exploration of the unconscious that will leave you quietly levitating in the air, while closer, “DREAMSOLD,” has Vance slickly speaking on chasing the dream.

Ever-ready to be like water and peacefully move through the cracks ahead, Vance Roday is confident and assured.