Watch as vlou puts gorgeously choreographed visuals to her debut single “Scenes From A Dream”

There’s something about putting the bass front stage that really just works. What happens when you bring it to the foreground of a track? Well, vlou can show you. 

Gone solo, Vee Lourenço’s work sees her flexing every bit of her classical training to craft dynamic bass-centric pieces. She’s based in Belgium these days, and after the drop of her infectious debut single “Scenes from a Dream” a couple of months ago, she’s just put some gorgeously choreographed visuals to it.

Featuring dancer Catarina Duarte, the video is awash in sunset hues. Against your classic millennial’s backdrop of house plants and well-positioned lamps (read cosy), vlou strikes up a tune on the bass, while Duarte cuts shapes to the melody. And never has the phrase “cuts shapes” been more operative, as Duarte puts physical lines to bracket the sound vlou reels out: a looping, exuberantly uniform dance that strikes a chord beyond the song itself. 

vlou is looking to shed some well-earned light on female, queer instrumentalists and creatives – and in doing so she’s bringing a background instrument to the foreground, and creating instrumental tracks which never stumble at the lack of vocals. If you’re listening well enough, there’s a socio-musical conversation going on here. And you’ll want to pay attention.

Feature pic supplied by artist