Texx Talks

From The Vault: Judith Sephuma

Judith Sephuma is the undisputed queen of Afro Jazz, a prolific and versatile singer with multiple platinum selling albums to her name since she stepped into the music game. 

Her soft and sultry timbre has dominated airwaves for close to two decades and she continues to impress with her ability to adapt to the changing face of the music industry, and is fully on top of social trends one engaging Instagram post at a time. 

From an early age Judith knew that she was destined to be a star. From her formative years at the University of Cape Town to performing for Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan, Judith has always had a sense of purpose and irrepressibly curious nature that is inspiring to say the very least. 

Our Season has come to an end and while the team is taking a well-earned break, I want to highlight an episode that has stuck with me long after the mics were switched off. Judith Sephuma is an icon, a legend and a trailblazer, always authentic and true to herself, much like our friends at Ray-Ban. Whatever life has thrown at her, she has stood tall and declared: YouAreOn

Ray-Ban is your reflection in the mirror of your truest self, it is the shade on a hot summer’s day, it is your own focus through any spotlight that may be on you. Together, Texx Talks and Ray-Ban are saying: you got a challenge for us? #YouAreOn

You can’t predict the light. But with Texx Talks and Ray-Ban you are always ready to capture it by living each day in the moment. #YouAreOn. 

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