Human Bean Juice, the newest alt-electro outfit on the block, drop their debut single and video, “Sundial”, replete in ’90’s nostalgia

Their latest musical endeavour might be fresh off the press, but you’ll probably recognise the faces behind Cape Town’s newest alt-electro outfit, Human Bean Juice

Both Ryan McArthur (also of The Shabs) and Werner Von Waltsleben (lauded local session drummer) have done their rounds on the musical circuit and joined forces via the fortuitous coincidence that when the pandemic hit, they were both living in the same block of flats. Cue an onslaught of quarantine creativity and so Human Bean Juice was born. 

Their debut single and video, “Sundial” slides in to introduce their very own genre-strain they’ve dubbed Arcade-funk. Which makes a lot of sense once you take a listen. Built on a foundation of Arcade-game-esque synths, beats, and fizzing textures, the track finds its feet via the steady building blocks of chiptune and electronica, alongside some soul-funk inflections. 

The result? Entirely fascinating – if a little lacking. The looped repetition of the track, while built from the beguilingly ’90’s Arcade nostalgia, gets a little too samey to hold interest before the track is out – the sort of a thing a varied melody line or vocal injection might override. 

The video though, awash in neon lights, Arcade games, an array of models, left-field comics, and a whole lotta sci-fi influence, delivers a captivating, ever-familiar cyberpunk aesthetic – and it’s one we want to see a whole lot more of.

Feature pic supplied by artist.