Intimate is the operative word in Claire Hesom’s new single and video “Sometimes”

The artist behind “Something That Was Pure” – the theme from the Showmax series The Girl From St AgnesClaire Hesom is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter extraordinaire. Her latest single “Sometimes” is a sonically rich offering that at times seems so personal, listening to it feels like an intrusion.

The KZN-raised, Cape Town based artist has a background in sound production and technology, something which is immediately evident in the deftly crafted song, which overlays an ever-so-slightly upbeat acoustic guitar-led melody with some twinkling keys to create a sound that errs on the side of optimistic.

Hesom’s mellifluous vocals, however, contrast this hopefulness with their raw, emotive energy that seems tinged with melancholy. Lyrically, “Sometimes” sees Hesom touch on the ever-changing nature of human emotion through some profound introspection of her own feelings, something which lends the song an enchanting sincerity that just draws you in.

The accompanying video – shot by Nick Turvey – is simple and plays into the raw, emotive energy of the track. A visual representation of the introspective nature of the track, the it sees Hesom, guitar in hand, sitting alone in an empty room, performing the song as if to herself. Fitting.

Feature pic supplied by artist