Texx Talks

Texx Talks The Live Look Back gives you a chance to recap the best moments of S7

Over at Texx Talks, we realised that we had been going for one hot minute. Almost two years, just under 100 episodes and, with some deft sidestepping of the pandemic at large, we have our first episode recorded live, in front of an audience!

Armand Joubert and the “Legend of Leggeh”, Peach van Pletzen join host Tecla Ciolfi as they look back on the episodes that were, and how everyone has been making sense of life in the latter part of 2021. 

There are bad FX, mandatory tequilas and just one hell of a good time in this one, so sit back and put yourself in the room for Texx Talks’ very first live recording, from the notorious Romeo’s in Melville, Johannesburg. 

A special thanks to Ray-Ban, TOMS and Victoria Falls Gin for making this the best possible time one could have during a pandemic.

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