Adele gets sultry and surreal in a video for “Oh My God” that leaves you mouthing just that

There’s a lot to be said of the remarkable authenticity that drips from Adele’s lips. Keeping things real with a candid, sultry ode to carnal desire in the wake of a crippling divorce – a subject around which her album 30 is largely centred – her Greg Kurstin collab “Oh My God” just got a video and it’s just about left every avid viewer in awe. 

In Taylor Swift-esque form, Adele has steeped the whole thing in hidden meaning – tucked away in the shadows of every black and white frame. Take the omnipresent chair for example – whose likeness featured way back in “Rolling In The Deep” days – which catches fire come the end of the video and somehow it feels like the turning of a fresh page.

The video, shot as though in one take, is seamlessly, dexetrously edited as it pans over multiple versions of Adele, among a seemingly endless array of dancers cutting elegant shapes, vibrant contemporary choreography (a highlight includes a gorgeously orchestrated passionate moment on a bare mattress), acrobats, boa constrictors and even a horse. 

Over it all, Adele pours a stunningly wrought, liquid vocal line: unravelling a burning attraction ignited in the clumsy aftermath of divorce. And all of a sudden it feels like a turning point – the start of a new chapter, and a defiantly expansive one at that. No one does things quite like Adele – and her creative lens is fraught in subtleties.