ANVR find success in simplicity on their EP, Live at Sunset Recording Studios

ANVR’s debut EP Live at Sunset Recording Studios is an intimate, delicate reminder of the power that can come from acoustic simplicity. Formerly known as Boston Light Band, ANVR usually fashion themselves as a pop-rock/alternative act but opted to take the acoustic route for their first release of the year.

Enter Live at Sunset Recording Studios: a four track EP that, for all its simplicity, creates a tension as captivating as it is stirring. 

Laying the foundation for the songs is an acoustic guitar that is uncomplicated and familiar, its melodies and chords setting the scene for intimacy and vulnerability.

Building off of that are rich, textured vocals that hide none of the emotional turmoil behind them – something that was no doubt assisted by the primary vocals being recorded live with the guitar.

As vocalist and guitarist Andreas Potgieter meanders through songs about toxic relationships (“Glowing in Gold”) and finding peace in the noise (“Down by the River”) you very much get the sense that he’s completely wrapped up in his lyrics, living them rather than performing them – his feelings betrayed by the kind of wobbles that come from trying not to fall apart.

Finally there are the backing vocals which, recorded separately and added to the mix, bring emphasis and added depth in the form of sonic gut-punches and add the final ingredient to an EP that excels in its simplicity.

Feature pic supplied by artist