Cece Vee’s debut EP Past Midnight is here and it’s an emotion-laden overture to self-growth

Flirting with the darker sides of pop, where moody basslines mingle with electro-edged synth and lyrics err on the side of introspection, Cece Vee’s debut EP Past Midnight is a body of work well worth a listen. The culmination of the singer and multi-instrumentalist’s year of self-discovery and reinvention, this edgy-yet-relatable offering traverses the ups and downs of love, loss and everything in-between – and brings you along for the ride.

A well-rounded offering from start to finish, Past Midnight’s six tracks offer something for everyone – from the electro anthemic energy of the opening track “Wild Hearts”, to the slow-edged nostalgia of “DeLorean” which follows in quick succession. 

Sound wise, the EP has a polished soundscape that manages to remain fresh for its duration – mixing expansive synth-driven melodies that ooze a dream-like appeal with dark, driving basslines that dial up the drama and the occasional piano cameo, tinged with nostalgia. Vee’s sultry harmonies easily take their place at the centre of attention, elevated by thoughtful lyricism that just steers clear of being too angsty. Touching on topics like heartache, loneliness and depression, the lyrics instead opt for raw emotion, a touch of melancholy and a hefty dose of girl power (à la “Black Light”).

Accompanying the release of Vee’s debut EP is the brand-new music video for the titular track, directed by Joshua Cookson – an undeniably intimate offering (and feat of editing) that follows Vee as she sings straight at the camera with the occasional accompaniment of a second version of herself.

Feature pic supplied by artist