Ferlando Young sets his sights on breaking into the industry with his new EP, Make It Out

Pietermaritzburg produces a constant stream of diamonds in the rough. From Alan Paton to Thuso Mbhedu, progression follows the brave hearts who dream beyond their circumstances. Khwezi Ngcobo, affectionately known as Ferlando Young, packed his dreams into a mission statement and primed himself as the next undeniable talent to make it out of the capital city of Kwazulu-Natal.

Since 2017, the build-up to the FY Awakening has been steady, calculated, and intricate in execution following a series of Soundcloud EPs and exclusive singles, all leading up to the breakout offering titled Make It Out. With songs as vivid as “Make it Out Outro” and “Breaking In” we’re taken into the psyche of Pietermaritzburg, the reasons its residents engage in escapism to numb their realities, and ultimately, why local will jump at the first chance to make it out of there.

For some, it is the allure of the bright lights and enticing women that can make you dance to a banger like “With it”, for others, it’s the principle of keeping a promise you made to your mother and yourself that you will put your all into something you believe in – and make it as tangible as paying food and electricity and as far-reaching as affording her the finer things in life.

The mental wear and tear of making it into the industry requires quite a bit of affirmation to boost one’s self-esteem, and a little PVT meditation with a supportive partner goes a long way in keeping one level-headed. With a hitlist of 2022 achievements including magazine cover features, Television, and radio placement, not forgetting the coveted spot on the Hottest MCs list, Ferlando’s mission is summarised under one umbrella statement: thrive, by any means necessary. And Make It Out is allowing him to do just that.