GREEK.’s reflective blend of trap hip hop and lo-fi dreams hits just right on his EP, VOLUME 3

GREEK. works his charms with an understated delicacy while pushing the boundaries of his song structures, experimenting with tones. VOLUME 3 is the third and final installment in GREEK.’s series of EPs, THE YUNG LORENZO TAPES.

“WHAT IT DO” opens the project with energy, throwing us from melodic, guitar-driven bedroom-pop straight into some sleek mid-tempo trap – a tonal shift hints towards the genres melding through the EP. “RHULUMENTE”, a track that’s hard as it is irresistibly smooth, hosts frequent collaborators Guy Onke and mtshanakamalume dropping bars along with casual control and flow.

GREEK. delivers rap with a naturalistic, intuitive sense for flow, on “RIP R MASHESHA” building and dropping tension with the backbeat.

The second half of the EP welcomes a sonic turn, reminiscent of Steve Lacy’s lo-fi blends. “SUN AIN”T SET YET” drips with a delicious dream-pop guitar and gentle synth along the edges while GREEK.’s intimate vocals drift and slip into a shimmery daze.

Continuing similar energy “(I THINK) I’M LOSING YOU” plays with puncturing drum samples and airy keys while GREEK. and SEI SIREN weave undeniable vocal chemistry, before playing with harmonic discordance, as “CRESSIDA” ends the EP on a hopeful, expecting note.

2021 was a solid year for GREEK. – let’s see what 2022 has in store.

Feature pic supplied by artist