Jim Beam Welcome Sessions

Jim Beam Welcome Sessions: Shameless Band and MaxX & Love at Living Room (JHB)

Jim Beam is bringing us together. The merging of artists, venues, and music lovers. The feeling of being a part of the SA music scene with the launch of their Jim Beam Welcome Sessions. The Welcome Sessions are all about creating connections between amazing acts, some you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to feature together. It’s a demonstration of their shared love for the music and the local scene to remind fans of the essence of live music, that welcoming spirit – something they’ve been missing over these long months.

Welcome back live music with Shameless Band and MaxX & Love on the 5th of February at The Living Room in Maboneng, JHB. Two performances, one night. Brought to you by the world’s number one bourbon.

Shameless Band is a three-piece from Soweto that fuses modern and traditional South African music with loud distorted electric guitars to create community-driven “tribal Rock and Roll Music”. They’re taking rock back to the people & doing it the Soweto way.

MaxX & Love is a duo born from the blues and their music is largely influenced by their lives, conveyed through a unique form of storytelling. Their philosophy of “the blues is a feeling” is at the core of everything they do and they honour that every time they perform.

6pm – Doors open

8pm – MaxX & Love

9pm – Shameless Band

Venue – Living Room (JHB), 20 Kruger St 5th Floor 2001 Johannesburg, South Africa

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*Please note* Event capacity is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions and all Covid-19 protocols will be adhered to at each event, so make sure you’re wearing your mask!

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