LOST//YOUTH’s debut EP, Chasing Shadows, dextrously navigates heartache and hard lessons learned

Lost//Youth pair quintessential indie-rock proclivities with subtly darker tones in their fleeting four-track debut EP, Chasing Shadows. But it’s frontwoman Alanna Joy and her fervent vocalism who really carries the bulk of the load. 

When I say that, I mean there’s nothing like some well chosen verses and mellifluous vocals to elevate an offering beyond. Chasing Shadows kicks off impressively enough. Opener “Too Late”, which dropped alongside an accompanying video about a month ago, takes a subdued and altogether subtle tangent on giving out second chances. Thrumming drums, psych-infused guitars drive it forward with unsettling intensity. 

“Burn Every Bridge” follows a similar suit, clocking in at over five minutes – while the haunting aggression of a lover spurned unravels the tale of a woman who is as likely to steal your heart as she is to cut it out (“You think it’s love but she’s fucking with your brain.”). That sort of thing. 

The EP loses a little momentum come the latter half however. “Sinner” navigates heartbreak through the lens of an acoustic ballad: raw and rendering but somehow underwhelming at the same time – while “Last Time” closes off the EP with an indie-pop overture which wraps things up with steely determination never to repeat said mistakes. 

And through it all, Alanna Joy’s vocalism holds solid ground – lending a defiant gravitas to their gradually emerging sound.

Feature pic supplied by artist