Nipho Hurd discovers her true worth on her latest offering, 24

Marylin Monroe and Cleopatra have been the most iconic women chronicled in the Moulin Rouge of history. Bending the wills of great men with nothing but their sexual prowess and their chess-like use of vulnerability – I can’t help but wonder, what if these women had just as much, if not more, power than their male counterparts, and were sought after for more than how they look? What if Cleopatra had a Nipho Hurd hustle?

With just two songs wrapped in a seductive silhouette album cover bow, the fresh princess of Dubane’s latest offering, 24, is a burgeoning moment where she had to come to terms with what she deserves. True to her contradictory complexities, Nipho walks a thin line of submissiveness and fierce independence, carving out a tale of dissatisfaction from a partner who doesn’t maintain her standards.

Expanding the Tinz brand from clothing, pop-up markets, and events into an entertainment company that housed the release of 24, the Durban songstress celebrates her ability to write her cheque with “24 Karat”. Laced with her signature raspy vocal prowess Hurd’s standards are far from the material. With her ability to afford the Fendi bags and Kangol hats off her hustle, she didn’t quite need her man to be a means to an end.

The crooning of “24 Hours” gives the negligent partner an answer to what you can give a woman who can afford everything. The answer: time, affection, attention, and effort – things money can’t buy. Her partner, either unaware or without a care, goes out for more than 24 hours at a time and tries to patch a dying love’s emotional leaking with gifts.

Foreboding over lush brass baselines and serene ambient sounds, 24 is an ensemble of fashion, modelling, and vulnerable braggadocio, and leaves a bitter resolve to linger in the mind.