Shotgun Tori releases “Story Podcast” – a series of interviews with parents in the music industry

If you are a parent, or thinking of becoming one, then Shotgun Tori’s new podcast series “Story Podcast” is for you, particularly if you are in any of the creative industries!

As independent artists, navigating a career in music has never been straightforward. And when you add children to the mix, the balancing act becomes a whole lot more complex.

In this 10-part series of eye opening conversations with parents in the music industry (including the likes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Zolani Mahola, Siyabonga Mthembu [The Brother Moves On], Shane Durrant [Desmond and the Tutus] and Tamara Dey), they talk about the highs and the lows of parenting, the impact of it on a music career, and the support systems necessary to make it all possible. We also discuss ways in which the industry could provide more support for its artists.

Tune in for a window into how these 10 artists are finding ways to make it work.

These interviews are beautiful and inspiring and really worth a listen. Whether you’re a musician or not, the issues that arise are universal and relevant to everybody.

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A collaboration between Shotgun Tori and Solid Gold Podcasts, this project was made possible by Music In Africa Live, an initiative of the Music In Africa Foundation, in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office, Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut.