The pair of legends that is McCully/Mackay deliver a driving ode to resilience in “Flowers in the Dirt”

The names Tully McCully and Gordon Mackay are ones you’ll probably be familiar with – from the former’s long-time legend status within the SA scene, to the latter’s deep involvement in the Joburg prog-rock sphere. They joined forces a couple of years ago beneath the double-barrel moniker of McCully/Mackay – and their latest single, “Flowers in the Dirt”, delivers some poignant notes of living life that you might want to pay attention to. 

Inspired by a litter-strewn Blouberg beach stroll, during which McCully observed the flowers pushing through the muck in testimony to prevailing nature of, well, nature, the single speaks to resilience and the ever-complex process of triumph over adversity. It’s message is a simple one, and is addressed, universally, to the human condition. 

Built off the back of a chiming piano and acoustic guitar foundation, “Flowers in the Dirt” solidifies itself as the rousing, albeit slightly more constrained rock anthem it is only part way through. A four chord electric guitar line and murmuring synth undertones lend it a punchy, classic edge, while the duo deliver their first duet in scintillating harmony. 

There’s a classic simplicity to the track – it breaks no major grounds, but at the same time it delivers as a wholesome reminder to bloom where you’re planted, in spite of where that may be.

Feature pic supplied by artist