THEBOYNAMEDSIMBA delivers a play-by-play of his mental state in his new EP, Diary of a Sinner, Pt. 1

In an effort to briefly diverge off his prevailing lyrical path – that being largely a strewn out story of his life – and hone in instead on his mental state, THEBOYNAMEDSIMBA drops visceral new EP, Diary of a Sinner, Pt. 1

Indeed the whole thing reads like a diary, if you will. A real time play-by-play of the diversity of trials and tribulations which have recently knocked him off kilter: the highs and lows, the breakdowns, and the subsequent spiritual awakening. And, not to detract from his chosen tangent, it’s an all too common theme tackled by musos post-pandemic. 

The EP in its entirety was written, produced and engineered by THEBOYNAMEDSIMBA himself, while a couple of songs employ the talents of a few well chosen collaborators. There’s unexpected variety in the project which lends a depth to the particular brand of hip-hop he’s been cultivating. 

“Free Will, Pt. 1”, featuring JARRY PITBOI and Wiser Observer, opens things on a haunting, otherworldly synth note – all alien and marginally unsettling – as the self-reflective, self-improving lyricism reels out. “Save You” pushes a pop-esque slant on relationship toxicity – while “Ignore Your Wisdom” pulls no punches with a fresh afrobeat continuum. Then there’s “Following Me”, featuring MVNSA, which wraps things up with a textured, visceral, fibrillating ode to the up and up. 

And while every track holds its own with surprising authenticity, THEBOYNAMEDSIMBA does so too – stepping up smartly as the EP draws to a close.

Feature pic supplied by artist