Writer Skye Mallac set to publish her first book of poetry titled, WHOLE, GOLD, CRYSTALLINE

As an integral member of TATC’s editorial team, Skye Mallac has steadily been working on her debut book of poetry for the last while, and I’m ecstatic to tell you that WHOLE, GOLD, CRYSTALLINE is finally available for pre-order.

WHOLE, GOLD, CRYSTALLINE is a collection of 30 poems penned over four years, which explores and integrates life’s peaks and troughs, love and stretching loss, distance and closeness, and ever-changing ways through the eyes of a woman navigating her early 20’s.

“I never actually intended to write a book of poetry in 2021. I started the year with the idea of actually sitting down and writing a novel,” Skye began to explain to me.

“But when general despair got the better of me mid-year, I realized I had a wealth of short-form content I’d built up over the years and somehow they all coalesced into a book of contemporary poetry. I roped into the artsy hands of a couple of friends to bring life to the words, teamed up with a local small poetry publisher, One Mountain Press, and here we are.” 

Pre-order the book here and be sure to keep a look out for the date and venue of the book launch.