George Ezra is back and busting out infectious anthems again in his new single and video “Anyone For You”

It’s been about four years since George Ezra blessed our ears with new tunes, but the hiatus is officially over and, on top of his anthemic new single “Anyone For You”, we have a whole album to look forward to. Highly anticipated, Gold Rush Kid will be hitting the airwaves come the 10th of June, but for now there’s plenty to indulge in. 

“Anyone For You” comes as the warm, feel-good sort of semi-love-song you might expect. Built on a piano backbone, there’s plenty of brass to contribute to the cinematic swell of the piece, while Ezra’s trademark liquid bass vocals ooze through. 

Quashing the notion that formulaic storytelling is the way to write a pop banger, Ezra has rather drawn on multiple inspirational hooks found in old song-writing notebooks. The driving verse (“Tiger lily, moved to the city/ She just turned twenty-one/ And then I said, ”Here’s my number, hit me up/ If you’re needing anyone”) was written when Ezra was 23 and served as the centerpiece around which he built the song.

But it’s a patchwork canvas of a track, really. A bittersweet love song, poetic (“And if you’re flying over the Serengeti/ Tiger lily, don’t forget me”), gorgeously textured, and accompanied by a softened, grainy music video which sets a scene that is as timeless as it is vibrant visual return.

Feature pic supplied by artist