Synthmospheria spins broad cinematic soundscapes in an existential new EP, Trichotomy

Sythmospheria (aka Aleksandar “Al Funk” Jankovic) certainly has a way with synth experimentalism. Coming almost two years after his last full-length release, Trichotomy is a refreshing angle on his exploratory sound, which sees it veer into post-rock territory often and gorgeously – and there’s a dose of jazz (and more) thrown in there too. 

With no vocals other than the faintly clumsy, vaguely cluttered, altogether unusual Angela Ferreira collaboration, “Angelica” (whose gossamer-fine opening synths juxtapose Ferriera’s brazen vocals), Trichotomy navigates a cinematic, sweeping trajectory which could serve as a set in a festival chill lounge as much as an indie film soundtrack. 

And each track will take you for a ride. Opener “Origins” clocks in at just under six minutes and gravitates from dreamy languid synth to a full-bodied post-rock continuum by the halfway mark. “Envision” employs the bass virtuosity of Franco “AmaFranx” Schoeman within its expansive, vaguely flamenco, parameters – while “New Beginnings” wraps things up with cinematic zeal (stacking roaring piano, strings, choirs, and bending synth for a grade finale). 

And where Synthmospheria might fall short in leiu of some over-experimentalism, he makes up for with his raw ambition, plucky exhibition, and the effortlessly catchy four-chord undertone that drives “Early Memories”.

Feature pic supplied by artist