FRNGE, Tzara, and trxstxssx’s new song, “group chat”, is an ethereal voyage of sorrow and acceptance

This isn’t FRNGE and trxstxssx‘s first collaborative rodeo – but “Group Chat” sees them teaming up with Tzara this time too. The three artists have long been navigating the electronica music scene with versatility and DIY excellence, and the collaboration between them is one that will be welcomed with open arms among fans of each.

The atmosphere on the song shifts between ominous melancholy and hopeful reflection. The ambience is intricate and boundless; each sound a key part of the journey.

Tzara’s vocals are powerfully magnetic, pulling you through deeply nostalgic moments of brief promise and shattering heartbreak.

There is a comfortable gloom that creeps underneath your skin, before being shot into a kaleidoscope of vivid introspection.

The production is chilling in its detail with goosebumps bound to be sent down your spine on several occasions. It is a cinematic symphony that echoes through the depth of yourself.

“Group Chat” is produced by all three artists, with the vocals written and immaculately performed by Tzara. It is mixed by FRNGE and trxstxssx, and mastered by Gareth Jones of JBS Music Design. You can buy it on Bandcamp, or find it on all streaming platforms.