Howie Combrink continues to brew up-tempo folk-pop with a positive message on his latest track and video “I See You”

Howie Combrink teams up once more with non-profit organization RADA to bring us his latest track “I See You”. Combrink has demonstrated a penchant for creating music that is both uplifting and driven by messages of positive change and “I See You” continues along these lines. 

Vocally, it’s about reassurance, empathy, support, and recognizing those dealing with abuse and trauma while encouraging resilience. It carries a feeling of hope and looks forward to the future, rather than back at the events of the past.

The track opens with gentle acoustic guitar complemented by ambient, eerie keys and airy vocal chants. Combrink’s melodic voice pierces the composition with a projecting clarity – it’s emotive, carrying some texture around the edges. And it builds up the tension, layering sounds before unfolding into an anthemic chorus driven by pounding drums soft electronic production.

The accompanying video, featuring Riza Gene-Botes, cuts a contrasting picture – of Combrink set against the sunset, crooning comforts to Gene-Botes who grapples in juxtaposing shadowy shots with wrenching emotional breakdowns.

With a feeling as though it’s being sung directly at you, “I See You” is ardent, somber, uplifting, and hopeful all at once.

Feature pic supplied by artist