Human Error’s Orpheus Mosaic is the poetic journey of an artist diving inside the depths of himself

Human Error is at his rapping best in his latest album, Orpheus Mosaic, a vulnerable display of complicated emotions delivered gracefully over immaculate eastern-influenced production.

The tracks are often under two minutes and flow seamlessly into each other – with themes of heartbreak, trauma, and rebirth captured across. There is an eerily hypnotic feel throughout with Human Error’s introspective and abstract lyrics slotting flawlessly over mesmerising drum-less loops that often include gorgeous vocal samples.

The psychedelic and dreamlike imagery being crafted is nothing new for Human Error, but it’s certainly at its most potent on Orpheus Mosaic. He is careful in his choice of words and exquisite in his delivery. On “Argyle & the Arcane Arts” he spits at a blitzing pace with meticulous accuracy while the slower flow on “God of War” makes for a beautifully hazy ballad.

“Golden Thrones & The Stones That Hold Them” is a chilling and introspective ode to himself and the development coming from destructive places.

The blunt and straightforward tone of “Sisyphus’ Story”, in which Human Error tells a tale of misinformed love, stands in stark contrast to the usual metaphor-filled lyrical content. It is a naked and gripping display of the rapper’s feelings.

The immaterial nature of his wistful wordplay will keep your head bumping while your mind moves through a vortex of complex images.

The project is produced, mixed, and mastered by Human Error himself. The album is well curated with thought provoking track names and illusory instrumentals. It is another unique and spellbinding album in the catalogue of Human Error.