The Black Cat Bones return with a swaggering ode to overindulgence in their Miriam Makeba cover “Quit It”

I have a vivid memory of The Black Cat Bones virtually tearing the stage apart circa early Rocking the Daisies days. When I say early I mean it was probably 2009 and The Black Cat Bones were the textbook highlights of a festival founded on the back of the overarching love of rock. That was a while ago, and the guys have shaken things up somewhat since then. 

The latest exhibit being their fresh bluesy of a cover of Miriam Makeba’s “Quit It” which dropped today. Frontman Kobus De Kock’s growling, gritty vocals split the grooving guitar line and all at once I’m back at Daisies again – only 2013 this time around and some dynamic shifts are starting to show. 

These days they flex a decidedly more sophisticated blues-rock continuum. There’s a lot of sax, a lot of soul, and while their stage presence – vibrantly exhibited in the accompanying Cito Otto-directed video – lacks none of their hedonistic, raucous zeal, their sound hits a little different. 

The fact that they’ve just delivered this fresh interpretation of “Quit It” is testimony to that. It’s a track about excess and overindulgence. An urge to drop the habit and quit the substance – built on a steady backbone of deep southern groove, and a wash of horns. It’s lifted from their forthcoming album, Book Of Miriam, set for release later this year. And best believe we’re champing at the bit.

Feature pic supplied by artist