Zoocci Coke Dope has dinner with his demons on his latest EP, Anxiety+

On his new EP ANXIETY+, Pretoria-born artist, Zoocci Coke Dope, flexes his signature speech and film sampling beautifully, aiding in articulating his feelings to a T. From the soothing sound therapist who introduces the anxiety cannon, to the revenge hungry monologue on “ZOOLOS REVENGE”, where words fail Zoocci, his clinical psychology sample panache proves useful.

ANXIETY+ carries three critical plot points for this brooding tale of disappointment, betrayal, debt, industry politics, shade and disrespect: the defining trap ballads, “OVERTURE+”, “PLUS+” and “DRUG$” .

While his braggadocios alter ego Zoolo provides clap backs to the epicentres of his triggers, I resonate more with the honest tracks because they carry the weight of shared experience.

The melancholic trigger that is ANXIETY+ is not a call for pity, but rather a glimmer of optimism that Zoocci is starting to take back control, emotionally mature and pull himself out of the apocalyptic paralysis of an anxious mind. One can only hope he perseveres through the dark cloud of these trying times.