DJ Cosher and Liam Burger break the Kfm Top 40 chart record at #1 with “Sound of Silence”

This past Saturday, DJ Cosher and Liam Burger broke the Kfm Top 40 chart record for most consecutive weeks spent at #1. Their single “Sound of Silence” has now been #1 for 8 weeks in a row, the longest any local or international track has topped the chart.

Locally the previous chart record was held by Jimmy Nevis who spent 6 weeks at #1 with “Hey Jimmy” and the international artist who held the record the longest was Justin Bieber for “Peaches”, which spent 7 weeks at #1.

DJ Cosher is blown away by the success of the single saying, “When ‘Sound of Silence’ first got played on Kfm 94.5 and was well received by the public, that alone meant everything to me! A few weeks later watching it enter the charts and then climb into the top 10 meant even more. To then realise a lifelong ambition and achieve my first number 1, was an absolute dream come true and I struggle to even conceptualise what that meant, to be the number 1 song out there at the time. So, I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is to describe how much it means to me to have broken the record of consecutive weeks as the number 1 song on the Kfm 94.5 charts. I want to thank Kfm 94.5, the listeners, all my friends, family and supporters, as well as Liam Burger and my entire team who have made it possible to achieve this dream of mine and more!”

When “Sound of Silence” first went to No.1 on the Kfm Top 40 chart on Saturday 5 March (same day as this year’s KDay event), DJ Cosher and Liam Burger shared information online that made the timing of the No.1 single even more special, but also a little eerie. 

Back in 2020, Liam Burger first met DJ Cosher when he entered a competition on The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie, for which Cosher was a judge, to be an opening act at Huawei KDay that year. Liam won the competition and opened Huawei KDay 2020. One of the songs he performed as part of his set was a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s 1964 hit single, “Sound of Silence”.

Fast forward 1 year later and Cosher asked him to perform the vocals on a remix he was making of the single. Fast forward a few months later and the song was released and made its way onto the Kfm Top 40. Fast forward 2 years since he performed the cover at the opening at Huawei KDay and the new version of the song, produced by DJ Cosher, went to No.1 on the same day as the first Huawei KDay since he last performed.