Dove Cameron’s dark and steamy music video for her hit single “Boyfriend” elevates the queer anthem beyond

Disney Channel veteran turned cross-genre singer-songwriter, Dove Cameron just dropped a sultry video to go along with her chart-topping single “Boyfriend”. 

After dropping the track early, thanks to a TikTok viral response to her teaser, and racking up over 100 million streams since then, it’s about time we got some visuals to go with this searing queer anthem. And they’re just as dark and provocative as you might expect. 

Starring Charlene Lefever as her knife-sharp love interest, Cameron cuts a sexy, shadowy figure in the flashing lights of a dimly lit club as the two of them practically magnetically attract. Cameron – who came out as queer in 2020 – flexes femme power in the face of relationships, visually striking a dichotomy between the sexes as the two dance in a heaving mass of blank-masked men. 

Things get steamy in a graffiti-smeared phone booth, and out the top of a sunroof, speeding through a late night tunnel. Cameron channels a visceral dark self-assertion, cut through by the queer undertone which makes it that more appealing. “I could be a better boyfriend than him […] plus all my clothes would fit,” she repeats – and it’s not hard to get caught up. 

The video delivers her message with a punch, all quirk and cheeky winks beneath a heady, dark melodic appeal. And Dove Cameron once again reminds us all she’s a force to be reckoned with. Remember that.