Harry Styles shares new single “As It Was”, reclaiming his spot as one of music’s biggest stars

Harry Styles has shared a new single, “As It Was”, taken from his upcoming third solo album, Harry’s House, and it’s unsurprisingly loveable.

There’s a romance to it, with ’80s-inspired synths that hover over a running bass line. But it’s the half-melancholy half-optimism in Harry’s voice that brings everything together. It’s what makes this track so damn catchy, but more so, what makes his return so memorable.

The track is also accompanied by a music video directed by Ukranian filmmaker Tanu Muino. Coloured in vivid reds and blues, it shows Styles and a supposed love interest trying to reach other, hold each other, but never succeeding. Visually, it’s a spectacle of colour, costume and shape, culminating in the final moments, as Harry runs uncontrollably through various settings, laughing as he leaves us.

There’s something really special to be had here, but I can’t quite pin it down. Production and song-writing aside, which are both ace, it almost feels like this track is beating with the heart of a generation – our generation – and that is something truly rare.

The single follows the singer’s 2019 album Fine Line, a record that launched Styles into a music league of his own, with hits like “Watermelon Sugar”, “Golden” and “Falling”, and I have no doubt that Harry’s House will do the same.