Jeremy Loops joins forces with Ed Sheeran for a catchy ode to the collective, “Better Together”

A couple of years ago, at a private party following Ed Sheeran’s first South African stadium show, Jeremy Loops made the pop star’s acquaintance and the two bonded over a mutual love of, and hit-songwriting power over, loop pedals. At least that’s how you’d imagine it went. 

It was teased in 2020, but cut ahead to today and here we have “Better Together” – the proverbial Loops’ “Galway Girl” – but no, really it’s a classic mash-up of both the Loopster’s classic indie-folk foundation and Sheeran’s trademark hooks. Which makes it as gorgeously familiar as it is unavoidably catchy. And, in keeping with singing the important stuff, it’s an ode to the triumph of the collective. That is, we’re better when we’re together. 

It’s about as feel-good as you might expect – complete with a snappy, block-coloured lyric video which spools out the story for you to catch in your own time. It reads half as a love song, half as a rousing tribute to everyone who’s been there for anyone through the thick and thin of it. So play it to your bestie, your lover, your mother, or your cat. 

The release comes in tandem with an album announcement. Heard You Got Love is due to hit the airwaves on 8 July, and you can pre-order in all the right places. It’s only his third full-length album – the Loopster prides himself on the art of the single – but it’s set to be packed to the hilt with some feel-goodery we probably won’t be able to resist.

Feature pic by Ross Hillier