Priddy Ugly unlocks Act III of his cinematic epic with the visuals for “Rap Relay”

“Rap Relay”, the woozy Act III of Priddy Ugly’s untitled epic, comes in the nick of surprise as a valuable clue and backstory predating its escapist counterpart, “Por Favor”.

Giving off Fast and Furious déjà vu, the operating theory tying Acts I and III together is one of two things: Priddy Ugly and guest stars Maglera Doe Boy and Marcus Harvey either successfully robbed a bank or they won a street race. This Act uncovers the source of the money strapped on Priddy Ugly’s body from the previous “Por Favor” act instalment.

The victory lap energy given off the theatrics in “Rap Relay” wasn’t exactly subtle, however it conveyed poetic significance. The duo of lyrical titans pose as modern black star thieves, equating their cash grab to the impact of Priddy Ugly’s second EP, SOIL, which got the country going bar for bar once more.

Between the iconic “Blood is thicker than cheese/ I rather ooze cheddar” quote by Priddy, or the image-slang heavy “Two Ntshingiling and they starchi/ grasshopper khakhi/ indoor smoking indo pache” quote by Maglera, “Rap Relay” became one of the central alarms that put an end to the Priddy Ugly snooze fever.

There is nothing like unpredictability to rile up that good ol’ Greatest of All Time argument, akin to going against the grain, and these new acts cement Priddy Ugly’s reign of glory in any territory.