Amy Lilley pens a love letter to her adolescent self in a vibrant pop latest, “Video Games”

Amy Lilley writes the kind of tracks which make you feel seen. Really, I think she channels so much personal depth into her songwriting, the feelings can’t help but carry over. And her latest track – which comes ahead of her new EP, Petrichor – will take you right back to those angsty teenage years with gorgeous clarity. 

“Video Games” is a love song, mostly. But it’s also an ode to adolescent awkwardness, and the solace sought in various personal hobbies – being video games, when it came to Amy Lilley. Beneath the alt-bubblegum-pop exterior of the track is a girl who just can’t muster the courage to ask that other girl out. And it’s as relatable as it is effervescently catchy. 

The music video, illustrated and animated by Cult Wife, puts it into pinkish visual perspective – following a teenage Lilley through that proverbial outlandish video game journey needed to approach the girl on the other side of the room. You know the feeling – like crossing an ocean.

“I play my video games/ I wish I could play the love game,” she sings against the driving synth-pop backdrop – and you could almost forget the actual context of the song amid the driving hooks. And that, I think, is sort of the point.

Feature pic by Natalie Wra