ANIME YXNGOAT flexes his artistic flair through the bold collage of “Quick Bounce Pt. 1”

Meet ANIME YXNGOAT (aka Reon George), the Jozi rapper who never uses the same flow twice. Or so his self-professed saying goes. He also directs and edits his own music videos, which – when you see the artistic flair of his latest – is quite something. 

“Quick Bounce Pt.1” just hit the airwaves as part of a double-drop which saw him teaming up with two different producers for a varied punch of a release. “Ghost” was produced by multi-instrumentalist Torivo, while “Quick Bounce Pt. 1” – which is our focus today – employs the expertise of Major Motion producer By Monstah. 

The track keeps things pacey and impressive. ANIME drops quick-tongued bars across a high-tone cruising backdrop. There are enough unexpected hooks to make it stick – a smooth rhythm which cuts no corners and is bred to work its way into your head. 

But if the track wasn’t enough of a talent flex, the music video pulls no punches in its impressive artistic scope. Essentially a bold, intricate collage, he splices multiple shots with slick, urban, artistic flair. Natural landscapes rub shoulders with their illustrated counterparts, screenshots of production desktops, strolls in the rain – you name it. ANIME has cut himself a vibrant niche in the scene and all I wanna know is what’s next.

Feature pic supplied by artist