Press Release

Apple Music’s latest Home Session features R&B-pop singer Shekhinah

Apple Music’s Home Session features reimagined signature songs and thoughtful covers recorded by artists at home and today, South African R&B-Pop artist, songwriter and entrepreneur, Shekhinah, releases her own unique Home Session. 

“Doing a Live Session at home is always cool, it’s like bringing the show to the people in the comfort of their own home. I didn’t do completely stripped down, acoustic versions of the songs, instead I did a full live band sound for this Apple Music Home Session. Super fun, super challenging obviously, but just a great opportunity to share that and again, bring the show to the people,” she tells Apple Music.

Shekhinah’s Home Session EP will form part of Apple Music’s global R&B campaign, R&B Around The World, with R&B from across Africa being highlighted specifically this week.

The Home Session, available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio, will feature three exclusive live versions of tracks from the renowned vocalist, namely “Fixate”, “Tides” and “Miserable”, off her much anticipated second album Trouble In Paradise (2021).

Shekhinah followed her career defining first album Rose Gold (2017) with Trouble In Paradise, an album that took more than four years to make, with singles “Fixate” and “Tides” being released to critical acclaim to appease a hungry audience before the album’s official due date. 

Discover this exclusive Apple Music Home Session EP today that highlights Shekhinah’s personal growth and fundamental struggles that defined her second album below.