Gaze’s latest video “Last Look” will melt your heart faster than you can say shoe-gaze

There’s a new five-piece indie/alternative band on the block, and Gaze‘s music video “Last Look” is hitting harder than a First Thursday’s hangover. Reigning from Cape Town, the members seem to have cracked the code for heart-throb music in all its alt-rock glory.

Lauren Thomas (vocals), Reggie Pienaar (guitar), Desmond Kannemeyer (guitar), Dan Charles (bass) and Markus Filter (drums) have already graced the Cape music scene with a few live gigs and also completed a music video that might leave your eyes and ears wishing they were there for every one of them.

The video features pastel colours – fit for lovers – on a bed of gorgeous Cape Town scenery. Lead singer close-ups narrate the story of a “finite relationship”, while lead guitar lines console the rhythm section on what the final chapter between two partners might sound like. The song pivots off melancholic vocals, a driving drum part, and a droning bass line in support of charismatic guitars. The composition is bottled nostalgia.

Cinematic in picture, the backdrop that is “Last Look” might serve as a lesson in love whilst treating our ears in what’s to come from them – a gaze, if you will – into their imminent future.

Feature pic supplied by artist