Hot off a rebrand, ZULO flexes his sonic diversity in his new album, Talk To Me Naace

Rapper and producer ZULO (previously known as Lil Trix) just revamped his whole sonic identity and his new album, Talk To Me Naace, brings a whole lot of genre variety to the table to kick it off. 

ZULO is a Star Wars-inspired moniker which sees him taking up the self-bestowed mantle of Supreme Leader – nothing like the solid ego boost which is a syndicate of hip hop. And his new album pulls on quintessential Cape Coloured tropes, references, and considerations as he pulls his heritage cleanly through his music. 

Genre variety is rife, as are the collaborations sprinkled into the mix. Hip-hop and soulful R&B rule for the most part – from sleek, resounding opener “let’s talk”, to the heady, pulsing soundscape of “Portals”. But we’ve got driving EDM-inspired beats too (“SUPREME” and “Love Your Life”), and there are some lyrics of questionable taste sprinkled in there too (“JUST VAARBS” and “8” get cheeky more than once), while he ropes in singer Frya and reggae heavyweight Don Dada for a reggaeton-inspired change of tack in “Flashlights”. 

But amid the variety and occasionally lewd lyrical themes, ZULO’s clean-cut production shines through. A deft diversity channeled through a keen understanding of sound.

Feature pic supplied by artist