Lars Ulrich, Courtney Love, Eddie Vedder and the world’s other richest rockstars

Look through the list of the world’s richest musicians and you’ll soon notice a collection of veritable rockstars occupy prime positions among the planet’s most wealthy.

While there is no trumping the likes of Jay-Z, Paul McCarney, Andrew Lloyd Webber and other musicians worth upward of $1 billion, the likes of Gene Simmons and a few other metal musos are there and thereabouts.

According to therichest.com, Simmons is effectively worth about $300 million. The bulk of the KISS frontman’s worth has understandably come from music and licensing deals.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is estimated to be worth $270 million. Do the math and you will be flabbergasted by his value in South African rands. His earnings in 2014 weighed in at a whopping $46 million and have, sort of, tapered off since. Regardless, eight years later that’s still a fat sum of cash by many standards.

Ozzy Osbourne is said to have a net worth of around $220 million. The Black Sabbath icon dipped his toe into reality television, which admittedly is a rather saturated market. He likely didn’t make too much in that industry, but naturally music is where it all started for him and continues to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Metallica fans will be pleased to know that Lars Ulrich is right up there with the richest musicians in the world. The stalwart drummer has a net value of about $200 million. He is, then, the most wealthy member of the band. James Hetfield, Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett, indeed, have some catching up to do. Hetfield, incidentally, is an avid collector of cars. Were he South African, he’d likely rethink this expensive hobby, given the exorbitant price of petrol around the country.

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant is next in. Ponder his net worth of approximately $170 million for a minute and consider, too, that the bulk of that was made in the 1980s. Talk about sustainable wealth. The Stairway to Heaven star continues to store up earthly treasures.

There’s another wealth merchant from Led Zeppelin, too. None other than Jimmy Page. He hasn’t done quite as well as Plant. But $160 million is nothing to scoff at. Royalties aplenty continue to roll in for Page and company.

Courtney Love is the first female entry on this list. The Hole songstress and widow to Kurt Cobain has an approximate net worth of $150 million. She has also dabbled in movies.

Flea – real name: Michael Peter Balzary – of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame, is said to be worth about $115 million. Get this – the guitarist started his career as a trumpet player and collected the admiration of several jazz personalities. Suffice to say, he might not have made it this far in his financial wealth had he stuck to the trumpet.

Mark Knopfler isn’t necessarily in Dire Straits, financially speaking. He is worth around $95 million. 

Finally, there is Eddie Vedder. Earnings from albums such as Riot Act, No Code and Into the Wild certainly fuelled the Pearl Jam singer’s net worth, which is estimated at about $90 million.